10 reasons to equip a connected lock

10 reasons to equip a connected lock

You have certainly heard of the connected home, that makes you coffee when you wake up that you need to make the slightest gesture. Not sure where to start? Look no further than the entrance of the House and its connected lock.

Here are 10 reasons to equip you

1. History

It’s a hundred years that your locks have not evolved. The latter are known to burglars and give you always that the unique possibility to open and close your home. In the digital age, could we not expect more?

2. Digital

And Yes, the technological advances of the last 10 years allow you to extend the functionality of a lock. And if you go do your jogging by listening to your favorite music without having to carry your bunch of keys or even hide it under your pot of flowers?

3. Sharing

What happens if in the middle of the latter a close call you to tell you that he forgot the keys and it is locked outside your front door? He waits a moment and wasting time, either you run any leg to the risk of injury to him open the door. Except that now you have equipped your home of a connected lock. You give it permission to enter or him open the door remotely from a simple touch. Magic?

4. Simplicity

It is one of the main advantages of a connected lock, installation is very simple and the use is even more. That you rent your House or apartment, you are traveling or away from home, to leave your home access is more than a gesture.

5. Security

Although many connected locks have seen their safety compromised, do you think share temporary access rather than giving the key to a stranger or the identity of the people returning home is less secure than a basic lock? A connected lock is like a lock, but with features that make it more secure.

6. Management

The keys are an essential resource in our society, they give you access to more or less sensitive places. Nevertheless, they remain one of the least well managed by human beings human. Don’t you ever have to make a double, hide past or simply lose them and have to call a locksmith? Or worse make you fly your keychain and having to change all the locks on your home? The connected lock allows to overcome these problems, because your keys are digital!

7. Auto Locking

One of the most interesting attributes of a connected lock, auto-locking. Don’t you ever ask you if you had shut off your home? And now it is possible, wherever you are, from a computer or phone, to know the State of your lock.

8. Tracking

And if in addition to all the benefits listed above, you can (if you activate the function) to be notified when your child comes home from school? Tracking lets you know who returned home and when.

9. Lifetime

How long haven’t you changed your lock? 10 years or more? It is probably worn. Because, as long as it is possible to open and close your home, why change? Because the lock is used on a daily basis and although it offers a beautiful life, it should be replaced regularly (every 8-10 years). Through the connected lock, the number of opening and closing cycle is counted, so you can in time real its degree of wear.

10. Freedom

One of the most important points. Who did - it worse than to depend on an object to organize or live? Through the connected lock, free your mind of all these constraints and become the master of your fate, the captain of your connected home.

In summary, the connected locks exist and offer the significant advantage to introduce you a simple way to the Smart Home while freeing you from the logistical constraints that are key.