How about opening your front door remotely… using your Smartphone? This is the principle of the connected lock. At the office, at friends, at the seaside… no matter where you are (provided you have an Internet connection), you can allow or deny access to your home. This technology is especially useful for homeowners who rent their homes remotely, on Airbnb for example. No need to be there to put the keys back, everything is piloted from a smartphone app.

The connected lock also serves in other cases, in particular to grant temporary and flexible access to certain people. For example, if you have a home employee or a babysitter, you can restrict your access to your home according to your work schedule. Outside of this period, impossible for him to enter your home. Besides e-locks have another size advantage: They replace your good old keychain. Convenient if you lose your keys regularly or if they take up too much space in the pocket.

Attractive on paper, the connected lock is unfortunately not given: to open your door at a distance, you will have to spend almost 300 euros at least. Not to mention that security is not yet guaranteed at 100%. In February 2016, two American computer scientists, Anthony Rose and Ben Ramsey, effectively hacked 12 locks connected to 16. Manufacturers ensure that they have improved the reliability of their tool since this test had made a big noise.

In the Face of these questions, how do you choose the product that suits you best? Price, reliability, benefits… Smartlocks.io offers you a comparison of connected locks.