August smart lock 2.0

The first version launched 2 years ago has already conquered the North American market. In August 2016, American society August improved its Smart Lock with a version 2.0 even more connected.

The August lock allows to open or close a door by several devices or applications connected in Bluetooth. This connected lock is widely used in hotels for its practical side which avoids the risk of loss of key or the creation of doubles. This type of lock is also available for individual houses (House or apartment) and condominiums.

August is thus able to recognize devices that are allowed to open the door. For safety, a classic lock is kept indoors with a traditional key.

There is a possibility to give virtual keys to guests or tenants (access is so limited in time their attendance). The top for those who make the rental with AIRBNB for example.

August is one of the best devices in automation currently, compatible with most mobile phones, the lock also obey the voice. You can even program a logical sequence of actions. For example if you open the front door, the entrance to light also).

Works with:

  • Apple HomeKit / Siri / Homepod
  • Nest platform
  • Androïd

If you have already changed a lock on a wooden door, it’s the same thing. For the installation, you will need a Phillips screwdriver, and that’s all! To implement the service, need you a smartphone under iOS or Android. Attention it does fit to all Deadbolts (classic bolt operated using a key or a connected object, without handle). It will therefore keep separate the handle. Do not forget to put the batteries!