Kwikset Kevo, a new way to enter your home

Kwikset Kevo is a lock connected to your Smart phone. It allows you to open your front door remotely. You simply have to touch the lock to open it.

Connected to your Smart phone
Kwikset Kevo is a different concept from other connected locks. The lock is connected to your Smart phone via Bluetooth. When you approach your door, you just have to finger your lock to open. It recognizes you remotely through your phone, even if it is in your bag or pocket. No need to take out his keys or his cell phone to get home.

Other opening system
If you forgot your phone at a friend’s, it doesn’t matter. Electronic key holders are provided with. Their function is the same as that of your phone, it serves as an identifier when you arrive outside your door. You just have to walk straight ahead and touch the smart lock that will recognize you. Practice if you or your children don’t have a Smart phone.

In addition, you do not need to take it out, you just have to place the device in a bag. There are also EKey, virtual keys (encrypted for security) to give limited access to certain people. The principle is to give permission via his mobile to one of your loved ones. For this you just have to configure the settings for the person concerned in your application and your lock will recognize it thanks to its Smart phone. You can give access permissions anywhere, anytime. The authorization may be without time limit or limited.

You can turn off the EKey as soon as you want. To know that you always keep the possibility to open your door with a basic key.