Locksmith vs Smartlock!

Locksmith vs Smartlock!

Are you planning to contact a locksmith to renovate and change the locks in your home? The connected lock offers today a real safety, in addition to presenting practical features undeniable. Saving time, reliability and simplicity are the advantages of these locking mechanisms.
The concept of the connected lock has long been implemented in the professional field (in particular hotelier) and in the industrial sphere. More and more individuals are now using a locksmith to install these smart devices. What do I need to know about connected locks? Check out some of the explanations in this article.

What is the operating principle of a connected lock?

When a repair operation of locksmith, the methods to troubleshoot the occupant of the domicile or the premises concerned are different from a classical intervention. And for cause, since this model does not meet a usual locking principle. In concrete terms, no keys are necessary to close or unlock doors that are equipped with them.

It is an electric current that takes care of it, the impulse of which can emanate from different supports or devices, from the magnetic card to the smartphone. Any type of door can accommodate a connected lock, from the front door of a house to the garage door, through the safe and the outside gate.

What are the benefits of this type of device?

For businesses, but also for individuals, using a locksmith to install this type of locking mechanism covers a number of advantages:

The risk of loss or theft of keys is nil.

  • The installation of the device is not complicated, and it is relatively easy to use regardless of the model.
  • After a locksmith has set up the device on your door, the opening is automatic. The occupant of the home can enter or leave the house even with his arms loaded.
  • It is the entire door of the housing that can be equipped with a lock connected, thus automating all the accesses.

The only downside to this type of mechanism is that the power supply is indispensable to ensure proper operation.

What are the different models of electronic and connected locks?

There are several models of electronic locks, each one well known as a locksmith. Here’s a list:

  • The keyboard models, also known as “Digicode”, require a code of numbers and letters to operate the opening of a closed door.
  • Magnetic card models Replace the key with the cards, which pass through the slots or in front of the sensors to unlock the safety mechanism. This type of equipment is found in the professional environment.
  • Remote control locks are used by motorists to unlock car parks.
  • Biometric locks use a digital recognition system that allows access only to registered people. This type of device is found in high-security areas.

The connected locks, meanwhile, are carried by the multiplication of smartphones, which are now part of the daily. There are two ways to connect one of the locks: by the Bluetooth on the one hand, by the Wi-Fi on the other hand.

These particular electronic mechanisms can be remotely controlled, and operate as the smartphone is approached. Thanks to the mobile applications developed by the manufacturers, it is possible to control the allocation of the accesses.

In other words, the user has the perfect control over its locking and unlocking mechanisms. A priori useful features for the business world also find their usefulness in the private and domestic sphere.

The rise of mobile devices is accompanied by a real increase in the power of home automation, so much so that the cumulative turnover of connected objects should reach 2 billion dollars by 2021. It goes without saying that with such a tendency, in the near future, locksmiths will be led to more and more installations of this type.