Lockstate Remotelock 6i - WiFi smartlock

Remotelock 6i connected lock is perfect for your rentals as AirBnb or home use, and even professional. This robust facility allows users to lock or unlock doors remotely, know when people unlock your door, and receive e-mail/text alerts, even when the codes are used. You will be able to run new codes or delete codes via your computer or phone. Temporary codes will be created as a gift for your guests when they come to visit you or so sales representatives in a meeting in your company. By doing so, this connected lock also works with the AirBnb hosts to automatically fixes codes of the guests.

Remotelock 6i is a “leak lock”, which means that you can leave the building without having to lock the door. This safety feature means that the Interior handle is always accessible to open the door. It is an excellent feature and often a requirement for public buildings.

The code is controlled only by the owner of the House, for example. There is need to be burdened with a set of keys along the day. The use of codes to quickly open the door without too much effort. The system operation is automatic and easy to handle. But beware you may find yourself stuck in front of your door if you forget the code.

Unlike most connected locks Lockstate Remotelock 6i own smartphone application or mobile communication protocol. It works using a regular digital code, and can also be opened using a traditional key. Smaller than most connected locks, it is less cumbersome. To enhance security, a feature offers you press two keys at random before typing the code. Thanks to this system, burglars are unable to discover the code based on fingerprints. In addition, an alarm will sound in the event of an intrusion attempt. This model represents the best compromise for people who want to discover the world of the connected safety devices.

This material allows the management of a door opening. You will have no problem to install the equipment. Its wiring is very simple with easy to assemble items. Simply just follow the instructions of the guide; the wiring has been reduced to a minimum and each wire is also very durable and sturdy. In addition, this material can recognize multiple users. Finally, this product is also very good and besides, is one of the best-selling manufacturer; It resists well to the outside environment and does not rust in the rain and the wind.