Schlage Sense : Homekit compatibility

Compatible with HomeKit, this lock makes it possible to use the Siri voice assistant of the iPhone to open the door. Unfortunately, it is not compatible with other connected home hubs. On the other hand, it is Bluetooth compatible. It can be programmed with thirty different codes. It is one of the most secure models on the market, and its alarm sounds during an attempted break-in.

Compatible with Apple’s HomeKit technology, the sleek, smart-fit schlage Lock and accessory app allow you to unlock your door from a simple command to Siri from your iPhone, IPad, or iPod touch. The lock also features a convenient backlit touchscreen that leaves you with the option of using an ID code.

The Century style is perfectly aligned with the articles from the interior century collection of Schlage. Its remarkable appearance creates an elegant look that stands out in all styles of scenery. And it was designed to conform to the highest standards of strength and durability in the industry.

  • Designed to work with Apple’s HomeKit, using Bluetooth Smart technology.
  • Meets the highest standards of the industry in terms of safety and sustainability.
  • Built-in alarm technology detects potential attacks at the door.
  • The app allows you to unlock the door from a simple command to Siri.
  • The lock can hold up to 30 access codes at once.
  • Easy to install and program using CMHC’s Sense app.