Sesame, the connected lock that identifies the inhabitants from their way of knocking at the door

The connected Sesame lock makes the promise to replace the keys of the house with a smartphone: a promise common to all connected locks. Where it differs, it is by proposing to open the door only if it recognizes your way of knocking.

The Sesame lock, it, takes up almost literally the principle borrowed from Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves: “Sesame, open! “ No need to pronounce any Formula: Thanks to the accelerometer built into the Sesame, you just have to program a way to knock on the door and then reproduce the frequency combination of “TOC TOC TOC” To open it. Like the competitive locks on the market such as Okidokeys’s connected lock, Sesame boasts a disconcerting facility (without a drill), accessible to all.

Like its rival, the lock plans to set up time slots to deliver unique entry permissions to third parties. A practical detail for certain appointments with artisans or for all those who rent their apartment. The input permissions are programed from the dedicated application (IOs or Android). The latter informs comings and goings by sending notifications directly to the inhabitants as soon as someone crosses the door. Distracted users who would have forgotten the magic combination to knock on their door will be able to open it simply by using the application on their phone to open the lock.

On the connectivity side, Sesame works in Bluetooth 4.0 as Okidokeys. Wi-Fi can also be used, but it requires the acquisition of an additional module ($50, for a total of $139).

The lock works on a lithium battery that is supposed to guarantee a 500 day autonomy, more than the 12 months announced by the Okidokeys lock.