Yale Entr, a new lock connected to get rid of your keys

The market for connected objects has a new actor: Yale. This builder arrives with a whole range of products, including a lock connected quite promising.

Yale Smart Living is both the launch of a new brand in Europe and the name of a range of home automation products. But do not consider this new entrant as the umpteenth start-up to conquer the world of Internet objects: Yale belongs to the group Assa Abloy, the same group as cow, JPM and Point Forte Fichet. Logically, so that Yale arrives on the market by solutions dedicated to the security of the home. However, our attention has been paid to enter, which is already available in stores.

ENTR is a connected lock to replace your keychain with your smartphone. In the way of the cow lock (of the same group therefore), enter completely replaces the original cylinder of your door. It must be extracted to replace it with Yale. An engine then loads the opening and closing, and can withstand 5-point mechanism doors.

From the outside, the opening of the lock is carried out from the mobile application, the supplied remote control (in key-holder format, see picture below) or via one of the two (physical) keys supplied with Entr. Too bad, there is no question of using here the NFC of your mobile or even RFID badges. On the other hand, it is possible to generate and manage digital keys in order to distribute them to the members of the household, your loved ones or even to the nanny-it is even possible to associate operating time ranges with each numerical key.

Inside, the motor is piloted either by sliding two fingers on either side of the handle, or by turning the handle on the motor to save battery power. Good news for that matter: the lock does not work on batteries that will need to be changed, but with a rechargeable system. Yale announces a 3-month autonomy of 10 openings and closures per day. Of course, the mobile app keeps you up to date on the load level so you don’t get caught off guard.

ENTR is already available at a price of 299 euros. It will soon be possible to buy small additional remotes to equip the whole family, but their price is not yet communicated. Finally, the builder will also offer an adapter, called “Bridge “, to plug into an electrical outlet on one side and connect to your Internet box on the other. This will allow you to drive the lock remotely and generate digital keys on demand. But then again, no price is indicated.