ZKTeco TL100 - The best smartlock with fingerprint

Control back and forth, the opening and closing of the door, not only from your phone through ZKTeco TL100. This product is unquestionably the best of its class, which thanks to its ease of use, but especially its practicality. It should be especially to the houses and homes, but also to warehouses or deposits. It requires no other device than your smartphone. So, no need key or card to unlock your door. your phone is enough.

With your phone, you open and close your door at your leisure, but also have access to the settings of administrators and can therefore record the fingerprints of those who can carry out the door opening, because Yes, this lock is WASPy recognition by fingerprint.

This lock is also very intelligent, because you can control remotely, that is, you can give access to visitors, without having to get up to ask who is behind the door. With this lock, you can also monitor access to the building because the lock records back and forth of the people who came through the door.

It’s also very easy to install and requires no expertise, because everything is explained in the manual. It is easier to manipulate and secure so that only administrators can access its settings. She is also compatible, and on Android and iOS and have no problem you with the realization of its programming.

This material meets the faith to the security needs of the families, but also professionals. It is also very convenient, especially with the remote control, making you easy life because it requires the smartphone or the fingerprint to open; more worth of rummaging through her purse to find her keys, having to resort to the services of a locksmith if keys is lost. Everything is really simple. We recommend it because with this material, security is provided for any building and also because it can both be used, both inside as outside, but also for doors and gates. It is a material that is easy to install and use, and installation guide is complete. It does not require other materials, other those provided in the pack.